Why Use an Executive Search Firm?

The restaurant and hospitality industry generates close to $3 trillion in revenue annually and employs over 20% of the private sector work force.

Sudden shifts in consumer demand and market trends force the owners of today's hospitality and restaurant businesses to make strategic decisions quickly and intelligently to sustain their market share - or ultimately lose it to their competitors.

Operators search for managers for different reasons.

  • Replacement
  • Growth
  • Bench strength / upgrade
  • New position

Operators also search for management in several different ways. All have advantages and disadvantages. One method is using an executive search firm to assist in finding the most qualified candidate for the position.

Search firms will have a much broader reach to attract and locate qualified candidates. That is what they do all day, every day. A good firm will partner with the operator and really try to understand the profile of the position not just the skills and experience, but the intangible qualities as well.

The negative aspect to using a recruiter is the perceived expense. If the operator puts a value to his/her time, the expense versus the results is very small and well worth it. If you do decide to use a search firm, make sure you interview the recruiter and check references.

The Advantages of Using Hospitality Pro Search

  • HPS recruits only for the hospitality industry.
  • HPS specializes in all levels of management recruiting for country clubs, restaurants, hotels and resorts, entertainment venues, and casinos.
  • We concentrate on finding, recruiting and presenting the most qualified candidate the old fashioned way, through personal relationships and professional contacts.
  • We have an experienced team to help you get the job done. As an operator you have a million different priorities every day. At HPS all we do is research and identify the most qualified candidates for our clients. HPS's process of qualifying a candidate includes phone screening and face-to-face interviews where possible. If you wish, we will also conduct background checks, reference checks, and credit reports.
  • We know as much as we can about the candidate and the candidate knows as much as he/she can about the client before we present their resume. We stand behind every candidate that we submit, as each candidate is a direct reflection of our understanding of your needs.
  • It is our desire to work side by side with our clients to help fill all their management needs. Our fees are competitive, and our work is guaranteed.
  • At some point in time in every operator's career, they find themselves in need of a "Game-breaker" to take their business to the next level. HPS can help find the right manager for the right situation. If and when you find yourself in that situation, give us a call - we'll get right on it.
  • Please check our references. See what our clients are saying about our services.